korean / 한쿠긴 :3 텀블러 어렵다!
넷캔에서 그렸던 존

넷캔에서 그렸던 존

11 Questions

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1. Do you like Homestuck?


2. Why do you follow me :0?

because u are so cute ;D

3. Are you a dog or a cat person?

I’m lazy dog

4. If you jumped off a cliff and dived into Niagara Falls for a million dollars would you do it?

nah I’m as timid as a rabbit

5. How do you feel about memes?

what is that? memes? :?

6. What is your favorite movie?

um… How To Train Your Dragon

7. What is your favorite character?

JOHN!!! my cute boy

8. If I gave you a hotdog with no condiments(Ketchup or mustard or any sauce w/e) would you still eat it?


9. What’s the one thing you hate on tumblr?

searching < why cannot complex search

10. What kind of person are you?


11. What’s your favorite color?


i’m so late /:0

맞는지도 모르겠고 헿

이렇게 하는거 맞나? :3

jake-gadzooks-english asked: Oh gosh, hi!! Thank you for following back! Your art is adorable!<3

wow! thank you for the follow! and.. and… just… THANK YOU!!


오랜만에 들어온다 :B

눈뽕 트릭스터!

눈뽕 트릭스터!





잘 모르는 애들이지만 :T

잘 모르는 애들이지만 :T